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03-Jun-2014 | Jonathan Cummings
Cummings 1

According to Michel Foucault, the French philosopher, the essence of modernity can be understood in the way in which a doctor looks on his patient. The clinician’s gaze is a penetrating, scientific insight. Unlike their faith-healer predecessors, who muddled body and soul in their attempts to heal, we moderns seek to fully understand what we…

03-Jun-2014 | Liam Hoare
Hoare 1

Books under review: Falling Out of Time David Grossman, Jonathan Cape, 2014, pp.208; Neuland, Eshkol Nevo, Chatto & Windus, 2014, pp.624; The Remains of Love, Zeruya Shalev, Bloomsbury, 2014, pp.432. When Ora’s son, Ofer, is called up for military service in order to take part in a sudden offensive, she becomes overpowered by a fear…

03-Jun-2014 | Hannah Weisfeld
Weisfeld 1

As a British Jew reading Ari Shavit’s account of modern day Israel, his starting point feels particularly poignant. He describes his great-grandfather, Herbert Bentwich, and the self-made privileged life he built for himself in Britain. In painstaking detail, he imagines the experience of Herbert disembarking from a boat in the port of Jaffa on an…

03-Jun-2014 | Yair Raveh
Raveh 1

To outside observers who learn about Israel by reading the international press, Israel’s society often seems to be torn apart by conflicts – political, national, financial and religious. Stories abound of the rifts between left and right, rich and poor, Jews and Arabs, Orthodox and secular. But, whisper it quietly, those who live in Israel…

02-Jun-2014 | Noga Emanuel
S.Y. Agnon   Courtesy Agnon House

As the spiritual bedrock of Judaism, Jerusalem had been a magnet for millennial longing. For centuries Jews intensely preserved their spiritual attachment to their Jerusalem. At different times, Jewish individuals and groups from the Diaspora yielded to this longing, gravitated towards Jerusalem and settled there, with the explicit commitment of spending the remainder of their…

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Summer 2014
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