The making of the law in these parts: an interview with director Ra’anan Alexandrowicz

19-Feb-2013  |
  Ra’anan Alexandrowicz
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The Israeli documentary The Law in these Parts won the Sundance 2012 World Cinema Grand Jury Documentary Prize and awarded Best Documentary at the Jerusalem Film Festival. It explores the operation of the Israeli military legal system in the West Bank and Gaza Strip after the 1967 War through the testimonies of the military legal professionals who ran it.

In this podcast the director Ra’anan Alexandrowicz discusses his film with Fathom Editor Alan Johnson. They discussed the making of the documentary and his practice as a film-maker, the reaction of the judges to the film, and his attempt to go beyond the tension between human rights and a ‘grey world’ in which some men and women protect us from others who plot terrible violence.

Fathom Editor Alan Johnson interviews Ra’anan Alexandrowicz

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  1. L Schaffner

    I would like very much to have a script of this interview with Ra’anan Alexandrowicz (The law in these Parts) : !! Is it possibl to get such a script, if yes : where, how. Thank you very much!

    I would also like very much to get the script (spoken text) of the Film “The Law in These Parts”.
    I tried a lot to find in internet. Have you any idee, how and where I can get this?
    Thank you very much!! ,
    Cordially LS


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