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Bedouin protest in Ber Sheva against government proposals, 28 June 2013 Mona Niebuhr/flickr
20-Jan-2014 | Safa Abu-Rabia

An exciting new Bedouin Arab leadership is emerging in Israel’s Negev region. Younger, feminist, critical of both state policy and tribal culture, it is calling for a historic shift from victimhood to empowerment.

A quenelle performed in front of the Jewish school Ozar Hatorah in Toulouse, France, where three school children and a rabbi-teacher were murdered in an antisemitic attack in 2012
03-Feb-2014 | Dave Rich

When the Premier League footballer Nicolas Anelka celebrated a goal by performing a quenelle salute he touched off a storm of protest. Dave Rich examines the phenomenon of the quenelle and asks why it is now so easy for raw, old-fashioned antisemitism to be inserted into contemporary radical politics.

Star of David painted onto a swastika karpidis/Flickr
03-Feb-2014 | Lesley Klaff

One of the cruellest aspects of the new antisemitism is its perverse use of the Holocaust as a stick to beat ‘the Jews.’ Lesley Klaff explains the phenomenon of ‘Holocaust Inversion.’

Israeli Arab school children, Um-al-Fahm, 24 November 2011 
EU Neighbourhood Information Centre/flickr
03-Feb-2014 | Joshua Muravchik

‘Israel Apartheid Week’ is looming on campuses worldwide. In fact,  as this edited extract from a new ebook shows, Israel has done better in evening out the differences between its Jewish and Arab citizens than most countries encompassing sharply diverse nationalities. Liberal Oasis: The Truth About Israel is available online from Encounter Books. When the intifada erupted…

After the Holocaust, Deutscher came to believe that a Jewish state was ‘an historic necessity.’ Supporters of the Jewish Labour Bund rally in Warsaw in 1932
03-Feb-2014 | Martyn Hudson

The Polish historian and socialist Isaac Deutscher coined the term ‘the non-Jewish Jew’ to celebrate the tradition of Spinoza, Heine, Marx, and Trotsky. But he argued that internationalists must come to terms with the Holocaust and accept the ‘historic necessity’ of Israel.

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