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16-Sep-2013 | admin

The tools that citizens are using to advance human rights in Tel Aviv and beyond are evolving. A descendant of refugees and a social activist at the heart of Israel’s protest movement, Yigal Shtayim argues that the formal political process is not always the best way to effect social change.

13-Sep-2013 | admin

An Israeli Defence Force reservist recounts a day patrolling the southern Hebron hills of the West Bank.

Policy & Politics

Banner of UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Geneva, Switzerland
13-Sep-2013 | admin

For the sake of peace, reform of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) is urgently needed, argues Einat Wilf.

13-Sep-2013 | admin

Women of the Wall has been challenging Orthodox religious authorities for over 25 years by praying at the Western Wall (Kotel), Israel’s holiest Jewish site, with tallitot (prayer shawls) and Torah scrolls, activities reserved for men in some Orthodox traditions. Director of the Israel Religious Action Centre Noa Sattath, places this issue in the wider context of Jewish pluralism in Israel, and suggests why finally, progressive Jews may achieve the right to worship as they please at the Western Wall.

13-Sep-2013 | admin

The glorification of violence in Palestinian Authority media must be addressed if peace talks are to succeed.

13-Sep-2013 | admin

How much social justice can we really expect from the Nineteenth Knesset? The Association for Civil Rights in Israel makes the case for enshrining social and economic rights in a new Basic Law.

13-Sep-2013 | admin

The growing size of the ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) population, and its self-imposed isolation from the worlds of military service and work is the subject of an urgent debate at all levels of Israeli society. Rabbi Dov Lipman, an MK and a ‘modern Haredi’ suggests a paradox: the ultra-Orthodox should address their future by recovering their past.

13-Sep-2013 | admin

The radical Shiite Lebanese organisation Hezbollah may be best known for its armed activities, but it also runs one of the largest and most sophisticated criminal operations in the world. Following the EU’s decision to designate Hezbollah’s military wing as a terrorist organisation, Matthew Levitt lifts the lid on Hezbollah’s extensive criminal enterprises.

12-Sep-2013 | admin

Was Israel’s attempt to resolve its dispute with the Palestinians through bilateral negotiations with the PLO doomed from the outset, or can talks finally succeed twenty years after the signing of the Oslo Accords?

12-Sep-2013 | admin

The one-state solution is a mirage. Only the two state solution can meet the national aspirations of both peoples. It is time to give common sense its day.


16-Sep-2013 | admin

An interview with Bassam Aramin, Rami Elhanan and Shelley Hermon

Strasbourg, January 2011. Members of the European Parliament condemn violence against Christians in the Middle East. European Union 2011 PE-EP/Pietro Naj-Oleari
16-Sep-2013 | admin

Rupert Shortt is the author of Christianophobia: A Faith Under Attack and religion editor of the Times Literary Supplement. Alan Johnson is the Editor of Fathom.

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